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Peach fantasy

Code: 00083
1,250 грн

Combined bouquet "Peach fantasy"

This bouquet in peach and beige shades will be able to evoke the warmest and most pleasant memories of unhurried summer walks, gatherings on the terrace of a nice restaurant with a glass of Aperol, and conversations with the closest. Delicate and fragrant garden roses, fragile daffodils, hypericum, delphinium, eucalyptus and gentle eulalia. In this combination, we decided to emphasize delicate shades and added packaging in warm peach color and white silence. Discreet, but at the same time stylish.

Composition: delphinium, peony garden rose, eucalyptus, hypericum, daffodils, ozothamnus.

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Categories: Mixed bouquets, Birthday, Maternity hospital discharge