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Set of balls "Shine"

Code: 00421
470 грн

Where can we go without balloons? And you don't need anywhere, we have them too! Small and large, colored latex and transparent with confetti, foil balloons of various sizes and shapes, and even giant balloons.

We bring to your attention an airy surprise that will never go out of style. The set can be purchased separately or together with a bouquet or floral arrangement. This set of balloons is perfect for a birthday surprise or just a gift according to your mood.

Ingredients: 1 piece of foil star balloon, 2 pieces of chrome balloons, 2 pieces of confetti balloons, 2 pieces of brush balloons

Let's tell our secret - we perform Hi Float magic over all latex balloons so that they fly even longer.

Delivery of orders below 3000UAH costs 125UAH from 9:00 (9AM) to 21:00 (9PM) and 300UAH during the night from 21:00 (9PM) to 9:00 (9AM)

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