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Mix of delicate flowers in a box

Code: 00442
1,800 грн

An incredibly delicate and refined composition in a hat box will definitely not leave any beautiful person indifferent to it. Delicate color combination, like a summer garden in one box. Such different roses and tulips are ideally combined together, so do not take your eyes off. Delicate eustoma conveys the lightness and airiness of the composition. And eucalyptus gives grace and charm. The composition in the box is not only a beautiful, but also a very practical gift. After all, the recipient does not have to have the trouble of caring for flowers or looking for a vase. Composition: peony rose, bush rose, eustoma, tulip, eucalyptus, box, ribbon, care instructions.

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Categories: Flowers and bouquets for Valentine's Day, Flowers in a box, Flowers and bouquets for Mother's Day, Birthday, Maternity hospital discharge