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Giant bouquets

This trend has appeared not so long ago. These flowers are for those who do not like small things and play big. These tender buds in a beautiful wrapper will make your pupils dilate. These are giant bouquets in Kyiv!

Buy big bouquets in Kyiv

We believe that any flowers, by themselves, are always beautiful! But packaging is something that can make even the most beautiful flowers inconspicuous. Therefore, the design of bouquets changes over time, like a fashion for clothes. You must admit that today a rose in cellophane does not cause any emotions, except sympathy, because such a package is just protection of the flower from external damage.

We at Kiwi Flower Shop, a Flower shop in Kyiv, do not only follow the new trends in floristry but also always remember that the decor, packaging and design should emphasize the freshness and beauty of the flower. Like diamond settings.

We pack gigantic bouquets in a special way so that the bouquet becomes expressive and does not go unnoticed.

You can buy giant bouquets in Kiev from Kiwi Flower Shop. We will select the best option for your event and budget. Moreover, you can be sure that no one will have such a bouquet.

Large-sized flower bouquets from Kiwi Flower Shop are stylish, tender and fresh. They are the fireworks of sincere emotions, which are so lacking in ordinary life.

Just imagine, your beloved woman has a holiday, she is very beautiful and a little excited. And then you come in - a strong man with a big bouquet in his hand. You come with a confident step, give flowers and notice her eyes - you have not seen such a look! She hugs you, her eyes glow, and she cannot believe that this is all for her!

We at Kiwi Flower Shop, a Floristic studio in Kyiv, know what women want;)

We create bouquets of flowers that give unforgettable emotions and fall into the treasury of the most valuable memories.

Giant bouquets are a great alternative to compositions of 101 roses, since they look quite voluminous, with the less number of flowers, which means that the cost of the bouquet is lower.

We also have a variation of a giant bouquet with 51 roses. You can see how impressive it looks.

If you like the bouquet to look like a real flower cloud, or so that it could be taken in an armful (because it does not fit in the palm of your hand), we would like to propose you giant bouquets!

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