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Bouquets in Kyiv

Kyiv bouquets are one of the most delicate and elegant ways to share your feelings, cheer up, make a compliment. Our flowers will give a smile, create a light fleur and unobtrusive atmosphere.

You can order bouquets in Kyiv by phone +38 (098) 870 23 23. You can order a bouquet from us with delivery in Kyiv and the region. We deliver the bouquet at a convenient time, even at night or at dawn.

Our flower fairies will create an exquisite composition for any special occasion, surprise, compliment or just that.

A well-chosen bouquet will help to please even the strictest person. For those who do not like cut flowers, we have flowers in a flowerpot. Our flower fairies know the language of flowers, and your bouquet will "tell" about your feelings and wishes.

Prices for bouquets in Kyiv

At the Kiwi Flower Shop, you can get a stylish bouquet of fresh flowers at the best price.

Bouquets are firmly established in our culture and traditions. It is difficult to imagine a birthday, a wedding, a christening, a date, an engagement, a promotion or an anniversary of your mother without a bouquet of delicate, beautiful flowers.

Even if there is no holiday on the calendar, women love to have a fresh bouquet in the house that gives a delicate spring aroma at any time of the year.

Choose a bouquet and our delivery service will deliver it in the right place and at the right time.

We have:

  • Address delivery to any district of Kyiv;
  • Bouquets for every occasion;
  • Payment online, in the studio by card or cash;
  • Reception of applications by phone and on the website;
  • You can choose a ready-made bouquet or take part in the formation of a new composition!

Thanks to a unique storage system, our flowers remain fresh and beautiful for as long as possible. We receive new deliveries twice a week, so you can be sure that your chosen bouquet will stay fresh for a long time.

You should buy bouquets in Kiwi Flower Shop because we specialize in creating the cutest and most unusual bouquets and floral arrangements.

We have different bouquets, among which there is definitely one that you need:

  • Exclusive;
  • Simple;
  • Chic;
  • Strict;
  • Comic;
  • Solemn;
  • Lovely
  • Large;
  • Miniature;
  • Gentle;
  • Impressive;
  • Romantic;
  • Friendly;
  • Business;
  • Special;

We are not an intermediary between the greenhouse and the cash register. We put care in every leaf. We do not just put flowers in freshwater but also nourish with love every plant that will decorate your holiday.

In Kiwi Flower Shop, you can order a bouquet, drink coffee while we make it, or even have a date in our shop with balloons, flowers and a gift.

We wish you to have as many bright and joyful events in your life as possible. And we are already preparing flowers for these occasions!