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We have created our flower shop in Kyiv so that you know: there is a flower studio in which you will always find what you are looking for.

Bouquets and flowers in Kiev

When we create bridal bouquets in Kyiv, we observe the global trends in wedding floristics. The wedding bouquet will reflect your wishes and complement the celebration style.

Mixed bouquets in Kyiv are a subtle form of floristic art since the language of flowers must be taken into account in its formation. But the result is truly bewitching.

Although giant bouquets in Kyiv were created for special occasions, there is no need to wait for an occasion for years to give such a composition. If you want to make any day memorable and bright - order a giant bouquet.

A compliment bouquet in Kyiv will help you leave a good impression after a successful transaction or first acquaintance. It will highlight your good tone and will encourage further cooperation and communication.

They say that intellectuals and influential people like mono bouquets in Kyiv. Mono-bouquets are collected from one variety of flowers, which adds piquancy and taste to the composition. While looking at such a bouquet, your eyes will rest.

Flowers in a box in Kyiv is an ideal present for girls who follow trends and appreciate deeds, not just a smiley face of a rose. Saying “Good morning, my love” can now be original and bright!

For lovers of the classics, as well as those who like to take care, we at Kiwi Flower Shop have flowers in a flowerpot in Kyiv. You can choose between flowery and leafy varieties.

Dried flowers in Kyiv are rapidly growing in popularity. It is especially appropriate to present such compositions in autumn or winter; they look cute and cosy. They also serve as a proper addition to any gift.

For us, creating bouquets and compositions is not just a craft. It is a real art that our flower fairies flawlessly have mastered. We care for our flowers with love to ensure that your bouquet is in its freshest and most fragrant form.

We understand that on an important day or moment, the flowers should be at their best and give only real emotions! If you do not know which flowers to choose so that the bouquet is appropriate to the occasion, call us from 09:00 to 21:00 on any day of the week, and we will prompt, create, deliver.

Kiwi Flower Shop - Floristic studio in Kyiv.

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