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Flowers in a box

Flowers in the box can prolong the floral mood for an extra week. This composition looks stylish, gives its delicate aroma, creates the atmosphere of the holiday and for a long time reminds about a happy day.

Buy flowers in a box in Kyiv

It’s worth buying a bouquet of flowers in a box in Kyiv, at least because almost all girls and women have fallen in love with this fashionable floral trend that has long expanded beyond flower shops.

It is a welcome gift that will not go unnoticed;)

If you want to please your mom, girlfriend, sister, colleague, beloved - the flowers in the box will cope with the task at 100%. Flowers in a box is a beautiful and elegant gift.

The price of a bouquet in Kyiv

Having learned the advantages of this type of composition, you are probably interested in the price of a bouquet in a box in Kyiv.

At Kiwi Flower Shop, the price of flowers in a box starts from 220 hryvnias and, further, depending on your wishes, size, occasion.

Flowers in a box do not require a vase, water change, or special care. It is only necessary to add 50 ml of water every other day. With this gift, you will not cause any trouble, only a good mood and pleasant moments.

Inside the box is a floral sponge that provides the flowers with everything they need for lasting freshness. The supply of nutrients will last for one week. Then the contents can be quickly taken out of the box, which remains just as strong and beautiful, and you can store anything at home in it. Girls like such cute and practical objects, which will remind about you and your sweet present.

At Kiwi Flower Shop there are no two identical bouquets. Our flower fairies compose flowers in boxes with the thought of the person for whom they are intended. We will be happy to help you choose the composition for your special occasion. At your choice:

Each of our boxes gives an elegant and expensive look to the bouquet. There is no doubt that we invest our souls in such gifts.

At the same time, the process of order fulfilment remains easy and pleasant for you. Leave a request any day of the week from 09:00 to 21:00 by phone, in our studio or on our website.

You can pay on the site or upon receipt. There is an option to select gift sets and balloons for any occasion.

We deliver your bouquet in a box 24/7 in Kyiv and the suburbs.

Right now, your loved one may dream of a stylish bouquet in a hat box. Make your dream come true, and you will be remembered for a lifetime!

And right now we are ready to help you with this :)