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Giant bouquets in Kyiv

If you want to effectively congratulate a loved one and wake up emotions that are hidden somewhere very deep, the giant bouquets from Kiwi Flower Shop in Kyiv will perfectly cope with this.

These are unusual bouquets that can reach the height of a real person in their length. However, from our experience, it is most convenient to hold a giant bouquet about a meter long in hand. These are the ones we create at Kiwi Flower Shop, a Flower Shop in Kyiv.

Our bouquets look elegant, light, weightless and cute even in this size.

Thanks to the secrets of our flower fairies, in giant bouquets, you can observe a harmony of proportions, color, texture and style. And of course, our giant bouquets are made of the freshest and youngest flowers.

Where to buy a bouquet of flowers in Kyiv

In Kiwi Flower Shop you can buy a bouquet of flowers in Kyiv. We have delivery, a wide selection, and hot coffee for the weary traveler.

Even if you do not see the difference between a rose and a peony, we will select suitable and stylish flowers that will satisfy your budget.

By the way, if you want to attach a gift to the bouquet, we have a whole department with souvenirs, decor, toys and fragrant products, which are loved by many girls and women. Any gift will be ideally combined with flowers from Kiwi Flower Shop, a Flower shop in Kyiv. You will no longer need to search and buy everything separately, everything can be bought in one place. At the same time, you can relax over a cup of coffee while we are creating and packing your giant bouquet.

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