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Where to buy beautiful roses in a box?

If you want to surprise your beloved woman, friend or mother, to see how their eyes are filled with happiness and they cannot hide a smile on the face, then sooner or later you will have the desire not to buy the first seen bouquet, but prepare everything in advance and find a gorgeous floral arrangement. You will be looking for the right flower shop from where to buy beautiful roses in a box in Kyiv.

Remember that beautiful roses in a box in Kyiv should be fresh, look neat. Moreover, you should have the desire to feel the aroma of each bud or at least the craving to take a picture with them :)

Before buying a box of flowers, make sure that:

  • Flowers are firmly attached to the box;
  • The floral sponge inside the box is airtight, well saturated with water and nutrients;
  • The box itself, is without damage and scratches, looks stylish, and its shade is combined with flowers;
  • Fresh flowers were cut no more than 48 hours ago;
  • The leaves are whole, and the stems are not damaged;
  • The entire composition looks stable and, most importantly, beautiful!

All these signs guarantee you that your purchase will please the recipient with a beautiful view while being fresh the maximum time after giving. We strictly observe all these parameters at Kiwi Flower Shop, a Flower shop in Kyiv.

We know that when buying flowers, you want to express your feelings, such as love, gratitude, passion, loyalty and appreciation. For our part, we work to ensure that our bouquets reflect your emotions, feelings and experiences. Therefore, you can be sure that our bouquets are always beautiful, stylish and fresh. We carefully monitor every detail of the composition, even the one that is hidden from your eyes.

Roses in a box is a gorgeous gift. These stylish compositions came to replace the well-known lonely roses in cellophane. Roses in a box is a self-sufficient gift that can be supplemented with something but also can be given without any complement.

The time when it became customary to give emotions and impressions with compositions of roses in boxes from Kiwi Flower Shop has come!

We have roses in a hat box, in a glass box, in a velvet box, and also in the shape of a heart. Our boxes are made of different, pleasant and reliable materials, in different colors, so that you can find what you need.

For bouquets in boxes, we have many variants of different varieties of roses, from the most popular to rare and exotic.

Such compositions are unpretentious in care and will delight the recipient for 7-10 days.

With love from Kiwi Flower Shop.