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Buy balloons in Kyiv

In Kiwi Flower Shop, you can buy balloons in Kyiv, which retain their ability to fly for a long time. The secret to the popularity of our balloons consists of three stages:

  • We select only the most stylish and beautiful balls.
  • We process the ball from the inside with a Hi-Float coating for a more extended flight.
  • We fill with high-quality and safe helium.

As with flowers, we approach selecting colours and shapes of balloons very carefully to delight lovers of festive aesthetics. At the same time, we keep a comfortable and affordable cost.

You can order balloons on the Kiwi Flower Shop website, call +38 (098) 870 23 23 or write to us in Viber / Telegram messengers using the same number.

You can also come to our flower coffee shop, touch, see and choose the balloons available: Kyiv, 43-B Pravdy Ave., daily from 9:00 to 21:00.

Helium, which is used to fill balloons in Kiwi Flower Shop, is a neutral gas, colourless and odourless, lighter in weight than air; therefore, inflatable balloons acquire the ability to fly.

But, as you know, helium flows out of the balloons over time, and the balloon begins to deflate and fall. To prevent this from happening, we process balloons with Hi-Float coating from the inside.

It is a liquid layer that, when solidified, creates an additional protective layer inside the balloon and reliably holds the helium. Thus, your balloons will fly for three days or longer.

The cost of balloons in the Kiwi Flower Shop starts from 220 UAH per set. Let's put together an air balloon composition for any occasion:

  • For a party;
  • For birthday;
  • For Mom;
  • Cute;
  • Modern;
  • Delicate;
  • For lovers;
  • Bright;
  • Men's;
  • With a surprise;
  • Figures;
  • Hearts;
  • Coloured;
  • Lip-shaped;
  • For the children's party "Boy / Girl" and others.

Call and order beautiful balloons for your holiday in advance!

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