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Balloons in Kyiv

Giving joy is easy - simply order an armful of balloons from the Kiwi Flower Shop! We make colourful non-trivial compositions from balloons and deliver around the clock balloons in Kyiv.

We always want to fill your life with bright colours and emotions. Just remember that the holiday is always just a phone call away at Kiwi Flower Shop. Call us, and we will take care of everything:

  • so that the balls are bright and stylish;
  • just hit the heart of your loved one;
  • made happy for at least three days;
  • gave warm emotions;
  • were a great gift to give!

To buy balloons in Kyiv, call:

  • +38 (098) 870 23 23
  • +38 (063) 870 23 23

Where to buy balloons in Kiev

Festive balloons give unforgettable emotions on the holiday day and at least three days after it (in fact, much longer).

We treat our balloons with a special compound that seals them and keeps the gel inside for a long time. Such treatment extends balloons flight from three days to a month.

You can order Kiwi Flower Shop balloons complete with a bouquet or as an independent gift. And also, remember that Kiwi Flower Shop always has souvenirs, decorative items, sweets, and beautiful flowers, so you can come and collect a gift that will delight every woman because it will be romantic and practical!

When there are holiday balloons next to you, a smile itself appears on your face. It is impossible to be sad next to them. It is always a positive charge - take your weightless armful and see for yourself!

If a holiday is coming up, choose a bunch of balloons and celebrate life! We at Kiwi Flower Shop - Flower coffee shop in Kyiv, are working for your unforgettable moments and emotions!

Choose from the ones you like on the site or call us, and we will select unique balloons for your case:

  • +38 (098) 870 23 23
  • +38 (063) 870 23 23

And if you come to our place for coffee, then we will already shine with joy! After all, we are Kiwi Flower Shop - we collect flowers and balloons while you enjoy your coffee :)

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