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Asparagus bouquets

Bouquet of asparagus in Kyiv

Asparagus bouquets are one of the newest trends in the floral world. And, of course, Kiwi Flower Shop is one of the first to offer this new product in Kyiv!

Many will probably be surprised we are used to eating it asparagus. The secret is simple – there are many varieties of asparagus plants, and not all of them are edible. Also, we eat the sprouts of this plant, which can germinate into large plants if they are not cut off.

Asparagus bouquets have won the hearts of women in many CIS countries, and we are sure that girls in Kyiv will also like them.

Buy a bouquet of asparagus in Kyiv

If you want to buy a bouquet of asparagus, visit us at Kiwi Flower Shop. Here you will find a large selection of coloured asparagus, and we will be happy to collect a bouquet of any size for you.

The easiest way to buy such a bouquet is to place an order online on our website. After placing your order, you can always contact us and clarify what colours are available. You can even increase the size of your order – our florists will suggest payment options.

We strongly recommend that you start giving your beloved women asparagus bouquets right now before they become common!