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Flowers in a Velvet Box

Flowers in a Velvet Box

Velvet is a symbol of prosperity, love and unique chic.

It is not accidental that we say "velvet voice", "velvet skin", meaning the best characteristics. Jewellery is also traditionally presented in a small velvet box. And you can give a big one!

Flowers in a velvet box in Kyiv from Kiwi Flower Shop combine bright, unusual, catchy flowers with a box of velvet.

We have velvet boxes in various shades: deep burgundy, bright turquoise, delicate pink, playful purple, silver-grey, fresh, like a sea breeze, turquoise.

You can order flowers in a velvet box in Kyiv at Kiwi Flower Shop: in advance or on the day of the delivery. There is always the opportunity to choose a bouquet in a velvet box from those we have available.

Our flower fairies collect the freshest flowers. When you receive your bouquet, it will be as attractive and fresh as in the photo on our website and will retain pristine freshness for up to 7-10 days.

Such a composition looks expensively and seriously. And the price of a bouquet in a box in Kyiv from Kiwi Flower Shop is almost no different from the cost of flowers in other boxes.

The velvet box can also be used later, without flowers, as a stylish accessory or home decor item. Such an object will decorate any home.

But that will happen later. Now, when our flowers in the box please your eyes, give a lively aroma, and your hands touch the most delicate velvet material, you can forget about everything in the world. Apart from a person who presented these magical flowers in a velvet box!