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Flowers in a heart-shaped box

Flowers in a heart-shaped box

You can spend the next day without flowers (although this is sad), but it is impossible to imagine a birthday or a wedding without beautiful flower arrangements.

And it is incredibly lovely to receive flowers from the hands of a loved one, especially if it is a heart of flowers from Kiwi Flower Shop in Kyiv. Our flowers are always fresh and tastefully selected.

Order a heart of flowers in Kyiv

The flower heart in Kyiv is a symbol of love and the highest feelings. Such a gift for Valentine's Day, March 8 or the anniversary of the wedding cannot be forgotten or replaced with something else.

At Kiwi Flower Shop, we present flowers in a heart-shaped box in different shades: from pale pink to rich burgundy. We will create a heart composition from various grades of flowers or a velvet canvas from a single type of roses. Also, at your request, we can invest in the set of popular macarons sweets.

If love is not an empty phrase for you, then it is worth ordering flowers in a heart-shaped box in advance, especially since the price of a bouquet in a box in Kyiv from Kiwi Flower Shop allows this;)

It's up to you: to wait for a beautiful occasion on Valentine's Day, March 8 and on other memorable dates, or to do something beautiful for your loved one today, on the day, which will never repeat. And with a heart-shaped bouquet, this day will become one of the warmest and most memorable.

Tell us the date, occasion, composition, address, and we will deliver the bouquet at the right time and place.

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