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Flowers in a glass box

Flowers in a glass box

Have you imagined something fragile and beating? On the contrary, the flowers in the glass box look unusually stylish, light and airy, while the composition itself is reliable and stable. And thanks to a closed ecosystem, a bouquet in a glass box retains freshness two to three times longer than ordinary bouquets or flowers in other boxes.

Fashion for a bouquet in a box came to us from romantic and sunny Italy. This cocktail of tender flowers and neat lines won the hearts of Ukrainian women!

We at Kiwi Flower Shop support world traditions and floristic trends, and here you can order the most modern bouquets in a glass box with delivery.

Buy flowers in a box in Kyiv

You need to buy flowers in a glass box right now if you:

  • rarely give flowers, but want them to be memorable;
  • give flowers often and want to impress this time;
  • prepare a birthday congratulation for your beloved woman;
  • are invited to the wedding and want to support the elegant atmosphere of the celebration with your gift;
  • Planning a business meeting in a business centre and want to make a luxurious impression;
  • going to a photoshoot and want everything to be perfect on the photo.

For all these purposes, you can order bouquets in a box in Kyiv at Kiwi Flower Shop. If you like not only stylish but also practical gifts, flowers in a glass box are ideal for you:

  • Flowers remain fresh two to three times longer than any other fresh flowers;
  • Flowers in an unusual box give a wow effect and are remembered for a long time;
  • Due to the square shape, this composition will find its place in the bedroom, living room, terrace, or in the study room;
  • Flowers in a glass box do not need to be watered or sprayed. Inside, there is everything necessary for the long-lasting freshness of each bud;
  • The glass box can later be used as a casket or a stylish box for the home.

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