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  Potted plants - is an integral part and trend of modern interior design, plants create comfort and delight the eye with their beauty. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, have the properties of purification, emitting oxygen, purify the air from harmful and toxic substances.Raise the humidity, reduce electromagnetic radiation, killing bacteria.

  Choosing a plant should take into account the peculiarities of your room, so high plants will be excellent on the floor in a spacious interior with lots of light, medium plants will be a great addition to the composition of the high or on windowsills, small plants will complement the composition, a table or windowsill, for racks and shelves will suit ampelny compositions.
  Our florists will help you to choose the plants according to your interior and wishes, and advise on further care.
   To order houseplants and get a consultation, you can call +38(098) 870 23 23, as well as in messenger or visit our store for a cup of coffee.