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Wedding bouquet from the parents

When parents give a bouquet to the newlyweds, it is a sensitive and beautiful manifestation of blessings and wishes to the children of happy family life in love and harmony. Such a touching gesture will cause a storm of emotions among the newlyweds, parents, and guests!

The original wedding bouquet from the parents will be remembered at the celebration. The shooting of this ritual will fall into the family archive as a tradition of showing love and respect in the family.

Where to order such a bouquet, and what should it look like?

Bouquets and compositions in Kiwi Flower Shop have an essential mission: to cheer up, give unforgettable emotions, and embody the donor's personality and feelings in flowers.

The bouquet from the parents should be slightly different from the general floral arrangement of the wedding and, of course, not look like a bridal bouquet. A bouquet from parents symbolizes love, support and life experience and living a critical moment when children get married.

Now the preparations for the wedding season are in full swing, and you have time to buy a bouquet for a wedding from your parents in Kiwi Flower Shop at the most pleasant starting price.

Remember, the closer to the season, the higher the price of flowers. And also, flowers have seasonality and predictable yields, so book your bouquet in advance so that all the best flowers are yours!

We know that in your wedding preparation, you have a lot of worries and to-do lists, so at Kiwi Flower Shop, we will make not only your holiday enjoyable but also the preparation for it! With love, your flower coffee shop in Kyiv - Kiwi Flower Shop.

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