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Wedding bouquets

A wedding bouquet is a unique accessory that symbolizes beauty, style, tenderness, passion, the birth of a new family and life itself.

The bouquet accompanies the bride throughout the celebration, so it must sufficiently correspond to her taste and mood.

It is our big goal at Kiwi Flower Shop - a flower shop in Kyiv.

You can buy a wedding bouquet from us following your desires and preferences. We share your values ​​and make the exact bouquet you imagined.

Wedding bouquets in Kiev

You can order a bouquet for the bride at Kiwi Flower Shop. We carry out ready-made ideas of wedding agencies, as well as provide our unique solutions.

It is essential to order a wedding bouquet in advance, usually immediately after having decided on a dress.

The bride’s bouquet harmoniously complements the outfit and consists of the bride’s favourite flowers. We will offer you a choice of classics as well as novelties of modern wedding floristics.

Whatever wedding bouquet you order, we at Kiwi Flower Shop work to realize all your wishes. Our mission is to create for you a wedding bouquet of your dreams, which will become the heart of the celebration and will not be lost among other flowers, which there are always plenty on this day.

Wedding bouquet price

The price of a bride’s bouquet depends on the number of buds, variety, season. As a gift for the bride’s wedding bouquet, we at Kiwi Flower Shop provide a boutonniere for the groom in a similar style and colour scheme.

We collect the bride’s bouquet according to your wishes by colour, size, content and budget. We can handle any of your requests!

The composition of the wedding bouquet is always different from other festive flowers. When collecting the bride’s bouquet, we remember that it should:

  • Keep a fresh look throughout the day;
  • Look beautiful on photos from any angle;
  • Be resistant to tolerate temperature differences, heat, wind, dry air, a trip in a car, etc.;
  • Have a comfortable weight and fit comfortably in your hand;
  • Be liked by the bride from the ribbon to the tips of the petals;
  • Have an adequate price;
  • Look presentable, even after the wedding guest has caught him;
  • Do not cause trouble, but give beauty and do not overshadow the bride;)

We believe that every flower has a soul. Our flowers grow to decorate your special day and increase your happiness and joy with your look!