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Prices for wedding bouquets in Kyiv

We know that when planning a wedding, it is essential for you to consider the concept and quality of floristry and its cost. And regarding the wedding bouquet, you want it to be the best and most beautiful in the world. Probably, such a composition will have a high price? No!

Prices for wedding bouquets in Kyiv at Kiwi Flower Shop start at 1250 UAH. The maximum cost is 2700 UAH - for a bouquet of rare varieties of roses.

In this range, you can safely choose a bridal bouquet for yourself! We use the following flowers in wedding bouquets:

  • eustoma;
  • peony roses Blossom bubbles;
  • bush roses;
  • rare types of roses Westminster Abbey, Caffe Latte, Menta;
  • rose Wedding Spirit;
  • cappuccino roses;
  • peonies;
  • freesia;
  • O'Hara roses;
  • ranunculus;
  • chamelacium;
  • ornithogalum;
  • brunia;
  • calla lilies;
  • stiffs.

For the bride's bouquet, we will make a boutonniere for the groom as a gift, which will perfectly match your bouquet!

Bridal bouquet price

The price of the bride's bouquet depends on its content. You can choose on the site from the ready-made compositions that we have already compiled for you, following the modern trends in wedding floristry.

Wedding trends are changing, as is the fashion for wedding dresses. And we closely follow global directions so that you know that the most modern and stylish compositions are waiting for you at Kiwi Flower Shop. It means that we will combine your flowers at the wedding with other decor items, and with a dress, they will decorate all your photos and the celebration until the night.

When we collect a wedding bouquet in Kyiv, we carefully make sure that the flowers are fresh and fill the floral sponge inside with life-giving moisture and love!

Bridal bouquet from Kiwi Flower Shop - Flower coffee shop in Kyiv:

  • will highlight your beauty;
  • will be the most delicate and stylish;
  • made of flowers of the highest freshness;
  • easy and comfortable to hold in hand;
  • looks excellent in the photo.

You can buy a wedding bouquet in Kyiv on our website. Just click on the items you like and add them to your shopping cart.

We understand that consultation is sometimes needed in such matters. Call by phone or write to messengers:

  • +38 (098) 870 23 23
  • +38 (063) 870 23 23

These numbers have Viber / Telegram. We are also waiting for you for coffee at Kiwi Flower Shop - a flower coffee shop in Kyiv, where you can show us your saved pins, and we will do what you like! We will always help you with your choice and make an author's wedding bouquet, in which we will take into account all your wishes! We will deliver the finished wedding bouquet and boutonniere to your home (or wherever you say) on the eve of the wedding.