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In this article, you will learn how to choose flowers for a wedding bouquet so that everything in your image conveys the emotions and feelings that you experience.

In the language of flowers, you can convey your preferences and character traits, special symbols of relationships in your couple, and much more. Kiwi Flower Shop bridal bouquets are not only beautiful but also meaningful. You can order by phone +38 (098) 870 23 23 or +38 (063) 870 23 23.

Flowers at a wedding are always associated with purity and tenderness. Therefore, they can be added to the bouquet and the image of the bride, for example, to the hairdo. Thus, the whole picture of the bride becomes whole because all the elements are combined with the groom's image. After all, we at Kiwi Flower Shop attach a boutonniere as a gift to a wedding bouquet.

And now you will find out what flowers symbolise for the bride so that you can choose what is right for you!

If your look for a wedding is:

  • Elegant - the minimalism and sophistication of the snow-white calla lilies will suit you. These flowers will tell about your noble beauty and delicate taste. Calla lilies come in different shades, and they also work harmoniously with the hydrangea.
  • Romantic - choose a bouquet with peonies. They emphasize femininity, love, peace, harmony, loyalty. Peonies come in many beautiful shades and go well with almost all flowers.
  • Original - take a look at the tulips. It is a symbol of the awakening of spring and warm feelings. With a bouquet of tulips, you will be the center of attention of the guests at the wedding and your man for the rest of your life!
  • Spicy - your passion will be emphasized by an exotic orchid or phalaenopsis. It talks about the bride's sensuality, love and sense of perfection.
  • Gourmet - different varieties of roses will suit you. They can be white, red, pink, pastel, and even other bright colours. Roses emphasize elegant style and romantic mood.

The price of a wedding bouquet in Kiwi Flower Shop is from 1250 to 2700 UAH. The composition will retain its fresh look until late at night. You will receive a boutonniere for the groom as a gift, which will match the bouquet 100%.

You can choose a bouquet from the ones presented on the site or send us a photo, and we will put together such a composition. Shades and flowers may slightly differ because flowers are living natural products.

To buy a bridal bouquet, call us or come for a cup of coffee, where you will choose the most stylish and beautiful bouquet for yourself in a pleasant atmosphere.

It is better to order a bouquet in advance so that all the flowers you have chosen are in stock and do not have to be replaced.