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Original wedding bouquet

Have you been invited to a wedding and do not know what flowers are customary to give now? In this article, you will find out which bouquet to bring to the wedding ceremony so that the newlyweds will like it and remember it amongst other gifts.

Giving flowers to the bride and groom is a traditional and vital gesture. The bouquet is an excellent addition to the main gift, and the original wedding bouquet symbolizes the respect of the giver for the newlyweds.

When choosing a bouquet, consider:

  • The wishes of the newlyweds. After all, the wedding is their day. Therefore, it is better to give flowers that the bride and groom enjoy.
  • The colour scheme of the wedding. The newlyweds will notice that you have tried to match the flowers to the shades of their wedding ceremony.
  • The theme of the celebration. Sometimes the wedding takes place in a specific theme, for example, boho or rustic, and you can present a bouquet that is 100% in the concept of the holiday that the newlyweds themselves have chosen for their wedding.
  • Seasonality. Not all flowers are available 365 days a year. Therefore, when choosing a bouquet, it is essential to consider the flowering times of different varieties. But the wedding is usually planned when most flowers are blooming, so we are sure that at Kiwi Flower Shop, you will have access to the brightest, delicate and colourful flowers for your bouquet!
  • The symbolism of flowers. Each flower symbolizes a certain feeling or event. You do not need to know the language of flowers because we have thoroughly studied it to make you a bright wedding bouquet that will be perfect for you in every way!

But even if you do not know all the input data and want to come with a decent bouquet, we at Kiwi Flower Shop will collect a stylish bouquet of light shades relevant for you this wedding season. This option will harmoniously emphasize any wedding style and the purity of your feelings and wishes.

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Buy a bouquet for a wedding in Kyiv

To buy a bouquet for a wedding in Kyiv from white roses or other flowers, order the composition in advance by phone or come to us on the day of the celebration - we will collect an author's unique, stylish bouquet.

Kiwi Flower Shop wedding bouquet showcases your style and attention to detail. Your bouquet will stay fresh longer than others because we take care of regular deliveries of all kinds of flowers.

A wedding bouquet from Kiwi Flower Shop will emphasize your individuality and delicate taste. As a rule, a married couple is very attentive to all the details of their wedding and will certainly appreciate your attention.