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Wedding bouquets in Kyiv

Do you have the most important event in your life soon, and are you looking for a wedding bouquet?

You've come to the right place - at Kiwi Flower Shop, we value your individuality and help you make your dreams of the best wedding possible! For you, we will compose wedding bouquets in Kyiv from the freshest flowers on the day of the celebration.

A bouquet for a bride is a particular floristic category: it must be unique so that no one else has another like this. This bouquet is not placed immediately in a vase, like a bouquet presented on a date. Therefore, it must be fresh all day long and even at the end of the celebration look alive and beautiful, both in the photographs in the wedding album and in the hands of the lucky woman who will catch it.

And if you decide not to throw your bouquet at the wedding, but to keep it as a keepsake, then even more so, the flowers should look perfect and awake in your memory the happy moments associated with it.

Why Kiwi Flower Shop wedding bouquet is your best choice:

  • Only the freshest buds, ornamental plants and flowers.
  • Exact fit to your wishes and wedding concept.
  • We will select the perfect shade of the petals and composition.
  • We take into account modern trends in wedding floristry.
  • We collect bouquets with great love and light thoughts.
  • We will deliver the bouquet on the exact day and hour.

Buy a wedding bouquet in Kyiv

The following flowers look stylish in wedding bouquets:

  • Tulips - they look fresh and resilient, symbolizing purity and youth.
  • Peonies are a symbol of family happiness, longevity and well-being.
  • Ranunculus - look festive thanks to neat multi-layered petals. The symbol of the purity of love.
  • Eustoma is a persistent beautiful flower, a symbol of loyalty and devotion.
  • Hydrangea is a delicate, unusual, sophisticated and light flower.
  • Calla lilies are austere and stylish flowers that attract attention, symbolize beauty and chic.
  • Roses are a classic of floral floristry, a symbol of love, passion and devotion.

To buy a wedding bouquet in Kyiv, contact us:

  • Call us, and we will tell you about the approximate cost and listen to your wishes: 0988702323 or 0638702323.
  • Visit us, see our flowers, and we will discuss your ideal wedding bouquet: Kyiv, Pravdy Ave., 43-B (we are waiting for you every day from nine to nine in the evening).
  • Or send a letter by email, especially if you have documents, attachments, developed concept and colour type of the wedding. Our email is kiwiflowershop@gmail.com

We wish you the most fabulous and best wedding and happy family life! And the first step to this will be a wedding bouquet from Kiwi Flower Shop.