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Flower Care

How to care for the flowers?

It would seem that the answer should be obvious because we all gave and received flowers many times! Nevertheless, this topic deserves a separate discussion because only a few of us know how to do it properly. And those few are florists, and the best of them work at Kiwi Flower Shop :)

Every girl knows the basics of caring for bouquets. For instance, the stems must be pruned. But did you know that the ideal notch angle for some flowers is not 45 degrees? Do you hear this for the first time? That is why we have created this section on our website. Here we share professional tricks that will help extend the life of flowers for several days.

Why is it important for us? Because flowers are a living product. We can make you the most amazing bouquet of the freshest flowers - but it will die in a few days if you do not cut the stems and put it in place with appropriate temperature.

We fill this category ourselves. Here, you will not find superficial essays from professional copywriters. Here, our team will share valuable and useful tips.

With love

Kiwi Flower Shop;)

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