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How to care for flowers in a box?

Flowers in a box do not give up their popularity among our customers, because they look very impressive and do not require much effort in their care. But nevertheless, in order to preserve the freshness and beauty of such a composition, we will share with you some secrets for proper care so that flowers in a box could please you or your loved ones as long as possible.

The main difference between the flowers in the box and the bouquet is the presence of a floral sponge, which is pre-wetted in water and holds a certain amount of moisture, which helps the flowers placed in it to consume the right amount of water. At the same time, a floral sponge will not let them rot from unnecessary fluids and exposure to bacteria.

Caring for a floral arrangement using a floral sponge is quite simple, but by following these rules, you will be able to maintain the freshness and beauty of the flowers for quite some time.

Disposition of flower composition

  • Put the flower box away from possible drafts, heat sources, and direct sunlight.
  • Do not put flowers in close proximity to fruits and vegetables as it is disastrous; try to place the flower arrangement away from them.

Proper and timely watering

  • Keep an eye on the condition of the floristic sponge; it should always be slightly moist.
  • For watering flowers, it is advisable to use settled water; if possible, with a special dressing.
  • You can water a flower arrangement using a watering can or a medical syringe.
  • Try to make sure that water does not get on the leaves and buds of plants as it may cause them to rot.
  • If you poured too much water onto the floristic sponge and it did not soak, carefully drain it.
  • If you find fallen leaves and petals on the sponge, remove them. This will not allow bacteria to enter the stems and will extend the life of the flowers.

Not recommended:

  • Independently pulling out flowers from a floral sponge. When you pull the stem out of the oasis, the air immediately covers it and the flower withers.
  • Spraying flower buds with water will also shorten their life.

Following such simple recommendations, the flowers will remain fresh for a long time and will delight you with their incredible look and aroma!