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Exclusive bouquets

Unique bouquets in Kyiv

Why do we give bouquets? Of course, to evoke emotions! Joy, admiration, smile - all this can be achieved by gifting a suitable bouquet of flowers.

How to choose the perfect bouquet? If you know which flowers a girl loves, then you can order the appropriate bouquet.

But, let's be honest - she has received such gifts many times in her life, as you are not the only one who knows about her favourite flowers.

So what to do? Fortunately, there is a solution, and these are the unique bouquets from Kiwi Flower Shop. In this category, we collected exclusive bouquets, which we were the first to make in Kyiv.

Having received such a unique bouquet, any girl will be delighted, because her friends do not have such photos on Instagram;)

And even if you usually gift bouquets at a price of over three thousand hryvnias, believe us that giving her our "Flower ice cream" will be a great idea! After all, this bouquet is unique, has no competition and, accordingly, will never be compared with others by the number of flowers in it.

On the contrary, your girlfriend will be delighted that you made an effort and found something unusual to please her! Such a gift is the best manifestation of care that our better halves love so much.

What are you waiting for? Order unusual bouquets from Kiwi Flower Shop right now!