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Rose bouquets

Buy a bouquet of roses in Kyiv

Until recently, it was believed that all women love roses. We will tell you a secret - this is not the case! Women like different flowers.

And yet roses are a classic. They are sophisticated, beautiful and will always find their place in a vase. So even though roses are not the favorite flowers of all women, it is still a safe choice if you do not know the tastes of the recipient.

Moreover, breeders are continually developing new varieties of roses that do not cease to please women.

Order a bouquet of roses in Kyiv with delivery

You can order a bouquet of roses in Kyiv with delivery in our online flower shop. Why do we recommend doing this with us? Because we have the best roses in Kyiv.

And our florists know how to care for them. We regularly receive deliveries from Ecuador, Kenya and other countries and carefully monitor each flower.

Often people avoid bouquets of roses because their spikes cause inconvenience to the recipient. All this can be avoided by ordering a bouquet of roses from us. Our florists peel every rose, leaving only a few leaves near the bud. In this case, all the spikes are removed, and you can forget about them.

Delivery of roses in Kiev

When our florists clean the rose, they always leave a few leaves near the bud. They are a sign of the freshness of the flower because when the rose begins to deteriorate, the upper leaves are showered first. Their presence helps you understand that the flower is fresh.

If you still do not believe us, order our bouquet of roses and see for yourself. Our round-the-clock delivery of roses in Kyiv will bring them anytime, anywhere.