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Dried flowers

Dried flowers in Kyiv

Bouquets of dried flowers, enclose a completely different aesthetic.

Giving dried flowers in Kyiv is an unusual and memorable experience, which is essential to feel at least once!

The advantages of dried flowers:

  • Easy to maintain: no water and irrigation required;
  • Durability: dried flowers retain their appearance for over a year;
  • Endurance: not afraid of temperature extremes, dry or moist air;
  • Safety: made from entirely natural materials, do not cause allergies;
  • Aesthetics: such bouquets look refined and gentle;

Dried flowers can be bought in advance, brought as a gift to another city and even a country. A bouquet of dried flowers will survive!

Buy dried flowers in Kyiv

You can buy dried flowers in Kyiv and give them for any reason and at any time of the year. The bouquets with dried flowers include:

  • Lagurus is an indispensable element of a bouquet with dried flowers. Its appearance resembles the tail of a hare or rabbit and gives the bouquet incredible tenderness. The advantage of lagurus is that it can be painted in different colours and used for thematic bouquets.
  • Lavender: the most romantic and “girlish” flower. Lavender gives the bouquet a French charm, and its aroma relieves stress.
  • Cotton: airy, voluminous and weightless material that is a symbol of warmth and purity.
  • And also: Avena, Falaris, Cortaderia, Briza and others.

You can buy dried flowers in Kyiv at Kiwi Flower Shop through our website (add the bouquet you like to the cart) or by phone if you want to choose the composition of the bouquet individually:

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