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Flowers in a hat box

Flowers in a hat box

Flowers in a hat box are the cherished desire of every girl, even if she modestly says that it is not! A bouquet of flowers in a hat box in Kyiv is a gorgeous gift.

Just imagine, you are giving flowers in a hat box from Kiwi Flower Shop and see these unique emotions, happy eyes and sincere delight! Everything around will fill with love.

Such flowers will give the recipient maximum pleasure and minimum worries. In the composition, the box replaces the vase, and there is no need to change the water in it, only top up on time. The bouquet will remain fresh for 7-10 days, and then the box can be used as a stylish accessory for the home.

We at Kiwi Flower Shop also make sure that for you, the process of choosing flowers, ordering and delivery do not cause unnecessary trouble.

Buy flowers in a hat box

We invite you to buy flowers in a hat box in Kyiv at Kiwi Flower Shop.

We are located in the residential complex, so you can visit us to collect your bouquet or order a delivery to any area of Kyiv.

Price for flowers in a hat box in Kyiv starts from 320 UAH per bouquet. You can choose the right size, box shape and content.

We should also say about our hat boxes. We select the most stylish options that emphasize the sophistication of colours, look festive and add unique chic to the composition.

Our boxes hold flowers securely and protect them from damage. Their circular shape is versatile, stable and comfortable. All of them are made from durable and safe materials. The colour scheme of hat boxes at Kiwi Flower Shop is in line with modern trends in floristry. Here you can pick up flowers in a hat box for men and women of different ages.

We are waiting for you at Kiwi Flower Shop - Online flower shop in Kyiv!