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Flowers in a flowerpot

Flowers in flowerpots are a great alternative for those who love living plants and want to see how the plant grows and becomes more beautiful each day!

Buy flowers in flowerpots in Kyiv

Kiwi Flower Shop invites you to buy flowers in flowerpots in Kyiv. Ordinary bouquets will have to be removed after 7-10-14 days.

A flower in a flowerpot is a long-term gift that will grow and delight its owners for years.

In a big city, not everyone has the opportunity to have their own garden. The flowers in the flowerpot help to feel the unity with nature, improve the air and energy in the apartment. It is proved that green color relieves stress and gives relaxation. Moreover, it is advisable to look at the natural origin of this color, and not at a painted picture or artificial flowers.

Many people are fond of the teachings of Feng Shui. And if the element of fire, water, the air is presented in every house, then the element of earth can be represented in its natural form through a flower in a flowerpot, which symbolizes prosperity and life.

The price of flowers in flowerpots in Kyiv

The price of flowers in flowerpots in Kyiv at Kiwi Flower Shop ranges from 300 to 675 hryvnias. Our flowers in flowerpots are easy to care for and look stylish in the house and office. You can also attach a postcard with nice wishes to the flowerpot.

In addition, you will receive simple recommendations for watering and caring for a flower in a flowerpot.

Our flowers in a flowerpot do not need to be transplanted - you get a fully prepared plant.

We also have orchids that are loved by many people. Orchid is the queen of flowers in a flowerpot. Many women are in love with this flower and are waiting for it as a gift. Orchid is indeed a very subtle flower that symbolizes femininity. In Kiwi Flower Shop, we even have a rare two-color flowerpot with an orchid which has two trunks.

The coffee tree, which you can also purchase at the Kiwi Flower Shop, grows beautifully indoors and can to purify the air. It fills the body with energy and calms the nervous system. The coffee tree has beautiful glossy leaves, and from time to time, you can see and enjoy inflorescence of white color and real coffee beans.

Besides, we have an evergreen noble shrub myrtle and unpretentious succulents. Come to Kiwi Flower Shop for a useful and beautiful gift! There is a delivery in the city and the suburbs.