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WOW effect

Bouquets with wow effect in Kyiv

Do you want your recipient's mood to be soaring to heaven? You are in the right place;) Order a bouquet with WOW-effect in Kyiv from Kiwi Flower Shop.

The magic of flowers is that the giver always receives twice as many emotions. Imagine the grateful sincere smile, shining eyes, warm hugs! You gift flowers, but she wants not just to put them in a vase, but take a picture on Instagram, hold them, like an expensive treasure. It is the WOW effect.

We at Kiwi Flower Shop are preparing stylish bouquets for you that become the "star" of the evening. These are not just flowers, but happy moments of life!

We noticed that women love fashionable bouquets. "Does fashion even touch flowers?" - you may ask. Yes, and now peonies, for example, are popular. Although earlier they would be remembered only during the celebration of the end of the school year.

And, of course, only unusual bouquets can give a wow effect. We are studying new trends in the world of floristry, being the first to apply them in your wow-bouquets.

What is their secret?

The wow effect is achieved by crossing different criteria. They contain a variety of flowers, a combination of shades, modern packaging, and of course, the feelings with which you order a bouquet from us!

To order a wow-bouquet:

  • Contact us in any convenient way;
  • Tell us your occasion, budget, preferences or trust us for the maximum effect of surprise;
  • Specify the date and time;
  • Specify delivery details if this option is needed.

Enjoy :)