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Flowers for special occasions in Kyiv

We often give flowers for special occasions, whether it's a birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or another important event.

At such moments, it is important to take into account the specifics of the event in order to choose the perfect bouquet.

Fortunately, floral experts at Kiwi Flower Shop follow all the global trends of floristry and always know which bouquet is best for this or that event!

And, of course, we have a 24-hour delivery service of bouquets in Kyiv, so just select the composition you like and we will deliver it wherever you say.

For your convenience, we group our floral arrangements in collections to facilitate your choice.

Flowers for a Birthday

When we are going to someone's birthday, we usually give flowers. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right bouquet.

On the one hand, it is important to choose a beautiful and unusual bouquet. As is well known, it’s not very nice when several people give the same flowers.

On the other hand, the bouquet is only part of the gift. Therefore, it must be combined correctly, so that the flowers won't overshadow the actual present!

The Kiwi Flower Shop Birthday Bouquet Collection contains floral arrangements that meet both criteria.

Flowers for maternity hospital discharge

Maternity hospital discharge - perhaps the best reason to give flowers! For any family, the arrival of the newborn is an important event full of joy and excitement.

And, of course, during this special day, a new mother should be surrounded by warmth and care from her family and friends!

Our collection of bouquets for maternity hospital discharge contains many thematic works that allow you to show the care that a new mother deserves!

Flowers for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a special celebration. On this day, it is important to choose a delicate bouquet that will emphasize your love.

Traditionally, on February 14th, it is customary to give red floral arrangements. But, let us tell you a secret - such compositions are always more expensive, because Valentine's Day is celebrated around the world!

Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the composition in gentle colors. They are no less beautiful, and allow you to collect a more voluminous bouquet for the same money ;)

To ease your choice, see our collection of bouquets for February 14th. In this set, we have collected our most sophisticated work on almost any budget.

Flowers for Women's Day

The main holiday of spring always comes with the need to give your beloved woman tenderness, warmth and, of course, flowers!

On March 8th, we always give multiple bouquets - to moms, sisters, beloved girls or wives. Therefore, bouquets for March 8th are usually smaller than bouquets for February 14th.

Our collection of bouquets for March 8 will help you choose the most suitable bouquets for your beloved women.

Flowers for Mother's Day

This holiday gives a great opportunity to congratulate our beloved mothers!

A bouquet for Mother's Day should be warm and caring. In addition, since the holiday falls in springtime, it is worthwhile to add fresh notes of spring flowers to it!

For you, we have prepared a wonderful collection of bouquets for Mother's Day for every taste and budget, so there cannot be any excuses - mother must be congratulated!

Back to School 

Teachers play the role of the second parents to pupils because they spend even more time with your kids than you do.

That is why we all want to thank the teachers and make them happy on September 1.

And what could be better than cute bouquets from September 1 collection by Kiwi Flower Shop? :)

New Year's Compositions

What can a flower shop offer you for the New Year? In fact, a lot of things! We have a wide selection of flower arrangements.

To create an atmosphere of the holiday, we will gladly form an exquisite composition in a basket or a charming wreath.

Our collection of New Year's compositions contains a huge number of beautiful decorations that will be suitable for both your house and the house of your friends!