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Maternity hospital discharge

Bouquets and flower arrangements for discharge from the maternity hospital

The birth of a baby into the world is an unusually anxious, happy and vital event in the life of every family. This moment is especially important and sacred for a woman because it is during this period that she needs the most excellent emotional and moral support from loved ones from the very beginning of the baby's life.

A beautiful, delicate arrangement of fresh flowers will be a pleasant surprise for a new young mother.

We want to give you some useful tips for choosing flowers on this fateful day.

What to look for when choosing flowers for discharge from the maternity hospital

  1. Flowers should not have a strong aroma (lilies, tuberose and other strong-smelling flowers), we would recommend not adding them to the bouquet, as in young mothers the sense of smell becomes much more reliable, and this can lead to headaches.
  2. Try to choose unpainted flowers, without sparkles and other things. On this day, opt for natural colours.
  3. If you are going to meet mother and baby near the hospital, we advise you not to carry large bouquets, boxes and other things but opt ​​for medium-sized compositions and bouquets.
  4. Before ordering a bouquet, check with the recipient if she is allergic to particular flowers in order to avoid trouble.

As a rule, it is customary to give flowers for such an event in light, delicate shades to emphasize how bright and festive it is. For girls, flowers are often chosen in delicate cream, pink shades, for boys, in blue, lilac. But our flower shop does not like stereotypes and will be able to support your wildest fantasies and make a composition in any shade you like and with the most daring combinations. After all, the main thing is that the young mother has the most pleasant emotions and memories of this day!

Delicate peonies, hydrangeas, peony garden roses will be appropriate in the composition; you can dilute and make them airier by adding greenery, small flowers and decorative berries. Compositions in a box in the form of a baby carriage, are also trendy.

If you still want to generate a WOW effect on the recipient, we recommend giving a massive basket of flowers, a giant bouquet of peonies, roses, hydrangeas or a box in XXL size. Of course, large compositions should be left at home with young parents. Such a gift will not be forgotten soon and will make an indelible impression on the girl.

Flower delivery to a maternity hospital in Kyiv

With us, you can always order flowers and bouquets delivery to the hospital anywhere in Kyiv. Please place an order on our website or by phone. When it is ready, we will always send you a photo of the assembled bouquet. Then our couriers will deliver your bouquet directly to the hospital. All you need to do is to receive it and give pleasant emotions to the young mother!